The vote of the day on the home page is a link to a current world issue for voting. We look for issues of global interest and instances where your vote may have a real impact on the world, even if small.

So, if you wish to do a little bit toward fixing the world each day, but you don’t have much time – vote of the day.

Past votes of the day:

2015- present – well, we stopped archiving…but we’ll keep the old ones here for now,  it kind of reminds us of the issues of the day, back then: >

31/01-01/02/15 – Leadnow –  What Canadians really think of Harper’s closeness with Big Oil:

15.36 15.35 15.34

29-30/1/15 – Campactde – Germans showing what they think of failure to consult citizens over Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – a monumental breach of process. To all negotiators, you have lost the people. Your ‘deal’ is already a lemon:


28/1/15 – Sumofus – Petition to scotch UK govt plan to fund ads for boosting reputation of frackers.

27/1/15 – – Promote divest campaign scheduled for Valentines Day:


25-26/1/15 – Avaaz – World leaders, do more to address Boko Haram.

22-14/1/15 – – Al Gore and Pharrel Williams announce June concert to promote climate change action ahead of Paris. ‘Now sing along with me’:


20/1/15 – Sumofus – Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – Reminding politicians negotiating behind closed doors that they our employees. People not happy:


17-19/1/15 – Moveon – Citizens Untied – Petition to separate wealth from power:


15-16/1/15 – Greenpeace – Achievements list of environment wins for clicktivism – Go us nerds!

14/1/15 – Sumofus – Doritos and unethical palm oil – exposing them at Superbowl:


12/1/15 PEN (UK) – In wake of Charlie Hebdo let’s not forget journos and bloggers being persecuted by various governments around the world. We won’t mention any names, Vietnam, Aberzaidjan, United Arab Emirates and Turkey, will we? (there’s plenty more, it is a global disgrace. Or, we should say, those governments are a global disgrace).

10/1/15 – 11/1/15 – Sumofus – to Chevron stop shirking responsibility to clean up Texaco’s Ecuador mess. You bought their liabilities as well as their assets, you boof heads.

9/1/15 – thepetitionsite – global petition to end slavery.

8/01/15 – – Moderate Muslims take stronger stand against extremists.

6-7/1/15 – thepetitionsite – persuading Expedia travel corp to jump ship from ALEC – corrupting politicians is so yesterday.

1-5/01/15 – – Promoting global coordinated fossil fuel divest campaign 13 – 14 Feb.

31/12/14 – thepetitionsite – Support Malaysia govt to improve ‘world worst’ deforestation record last 15 years.

27-30/12/14 – Avaaz – mega petition to support Pakistan girls seeking education in face of violence.

24-26/12/14 – thepetitionsite – Koch Bros owned drill rig pollutes town of North Pole (Alaska) groundwater, Petition to EPA ‘they can afford to clean it up – make them’:


23/12/14 – campact de and thepetitionsite – Trans Pacific and Tans Atlantic Partnerships – to support ‘ethical growth’ over ‘growth at all costs’:


22/12/14 – thepetitionsite – Oppose Fort Lauderdale Council prosecuting those that give food to the homeless. Preserving art of giving:


21/12/14 – thepetitionsite – Prosecute those behind US torture. Unknown knowns are now known knowns:


16-23/12/14 – from Avaaz – People v Multinationals. The Coal War. Looking for a social cascade.


14-15/12/14 – – where are the girls? And says where does the 2005 UN heads of state summit Pledge to Protect against genocide (P2P with lots of fanfare) fit in with 6 months later Boko Haram girls still missing, presumed raped, killed, enslaved?

13/12/14 – thepetitionsite – petition to get Oz attention to new weather patterns if business as usual:

11-12/14 – thepetitionsite –  Petition to protect 10 yr old Afghan girl about to be honor killed bc she was raped. We are in this world together with her:


10/11/14  – thepetitionsite – Petition to protect PNG forests – make a splash:


8-9/11/14 – Sumofus – Petition request to Starbucks to label GM ingredients:

6-7/11/14 – thepetitionsite – Save this really cool cave in South Korea from commercialization (escalators etc):


4/11/14 – To Australian Financial Review newspaper, don’t tackle divesters they will have last laugh:


3/11/14 – thepetitionsite – talking to Shell –  “So you are green AND support ALEC (climate denial hotbed)??:


2/11/14 – – petition supporting climate warrior not worrier:


31/10-1/11/14 – thepetitionsite – petitioning a multinational to be transparent about source of labor:

30/10/14 – gopetition – petition to African leaders to stand up to genital mutilation:


29/10/14 – thepetitionsite – Vale totoaba fish. about 90 left in ocean. Petition Mexico to protect:


28/10/14 – Avaaz – Can we help? Ebola:


27/10/14 – Greenpeace – Supertrawler back in Oz for a second go. Petition to block a second time:


26/10/14 –thepetitionsite – Saudi writer’s block. 10 years for political comment! Hmm:


24-25 October 2014 – – supporting German Economy Minister in closing 20 coal plants (and appreciating European Union’s new 30% by 2030 target):


22-23 October 2014 – To ALL fast food chains – consumers only want ethical palm oil


20-21 October 2014 – Right of termiinally ill and suffering to die in peace. All those that say ‘aye’?


19 October 2014 – thepetitionsite – To Macca’s – bad palm oil, good palm oil


16-18 Ocober 2014  – – world forest declaration of last week too weak – article. and help save Papua New Guinea forests petition:


14-15 October 2014 –– Petition to heap shame on Vietnam government for locking up dissenting voices:


13 October 2014 – – Pacific warriors – planning 17 Oct coal port protest, if you want to support:

12 October 2014 – – now 6 million strong – biggest petition in the world, if you want to add your name

11 October 2014 – Avaaz Salute to Ebola workers:


9-10 October 2014 – –  It is a fact. We have knocked out half of all world animals since 1970 (report here) while our population has doubled. Talk about a cancer on the planet.. Poor bugger us? Or, do something – like sign a petition to turn world around…and a salute to those who do engage, for at least trying – 


8 October 2014  – thepetitionsite – Amazon worker’s conditions as bad as Amazons tax haven rorting – vote to shop local:


7 Octobeer 2014 – Amnestyinternational – calling on Iraq and other governments to join in protecting Iraqi civilians


5-6 October 2014 – – “The time has come to pay the rent” – To disorganized governments: Get organzed! Tax multinationals!


3-4 October 2014 thepetitionsite – to all governments to slow warming and save walrus populations from impact of humans:

2 October 2014 – gopetition – to India to reduce bicycle import duty:


30 September 2014 – 1 October 2014 –  thepetitionsite BC Canada regulate toxin clean up laws and save ospreys!

29 September 2014 – from Avaaz – Protect bees. No more bees = no more funny faces:


28 September 2014 – from thepetitionsite – Natural forest  (in Hobeck Basin) says bugger off to gas and oil explorers – petition to support:


27 September 2014  -from Sumofus – Oceana Gold its ok for El Salvador to say no, stop suing them from protecting their natural assets

26 September 2014 – 38degrees – citizen poll on going to war – glimpse of future?


9-25 September 2014 –, Avaaz and others – to world leaders ACT NOW on emissions policy, each day with cryptic pic:

8 September 2014 – – Pink slime added to make meat look fresher. Don’t do it or if you do, label it

7 September 2014 – – will airlines ever stop misleading price by superadding credit card charge after purchase

6 September 2014 – Moveon – getting behind message of group that tried to stop coal and oil trains in Washington state:


4-5 September 2014 – Avaaz – Petition to world leaders to listen to tree huggers.

3 September 2014 – from – pressure Dole to pressure Thai pineapple industry to not pressure industry whistelblowers

2 September 2014 – from worldwildlifefund and – public support for EPA decision to save Bristol Bay Canada


1 September 2014 – from to Al Asaad to stop forced disappearances of people, its not proper fighting:

31 August 2014 – from thepetitionsite – to India province chief to save tiger woods from deforestation

gd.tiger woods

30 August 2014 – – Petition to US Wildlife Commission to recognize monarchs as threatened (butterflies):


29 August 2014 – from – reminder to use feet on 20-21 September.


25 August 2014 – from – Second in the series of “Petitions to Save Rivers Starting With the Worst” – The Isipingo in South Africa


23-24 August 2014 – Moveon – Split vote – Petition to get Bumblebee Seafoods to pay more attention to bycatch issues. And information on the good work they have done so far


21-22 August 2014 – – to get on board Pacific Islanders campaign to reduce fossil fuels:


20 August 2014 – Sumofus – Facebook Messenger ap biggest privacy invasion yet. We’re leaving – 


19 August 2014 – – Customer petition to hold Pepsicola to account over sourcing of palm oil.

17-18  August 2014 – thepetitionsite – Petition lambasting Greeks for not jailing employers who shoot foreign workers that request unpaid wages.


16 August 2014 Getup – Think tank gone off rails in Australia – IPA no we don’t want coal and media monopoly.

gd tank

15 August 2014 – thepetitionsite – needed – safe haven for minorites in Iraq – to all countries, do not forget a friend in need is a friend indeed:

13-14 August 2014 – Sumofus – to Exxon coal seam gas lobbyist with love from the people of Germany:


12 August 2014 – Sumofus – No to Hortons donuts made with Sumatra palm oil.

11 August 2014 – Avaaz – Appeal to US Congress to pass law for Marine protection area in Pacific

9-10 August 2014 – from – petition floating the idea that beaches everywhere should have unrestricted access:


8 August 2014 – From Amnesty International – to west Sahara African nation states to catch up with the rest of the world – It is not okay to excuse rapists if they marry their child victims.

7 August 2014 from Moveon – Greed is good. If you disagree sign this petition to Costco to ban sale of Koch (have as much as the bottom 40% of US citizens combined in wealth and still flood election campaign with mega money for low tax candidates) brothers products.


6 August 2014 – Sumofus – Petition to US Federal Communications Commission to keep internet regulated not allow slow for non-paying sites:

3-4 August 2014 – thepetitionsite – petition opposing Bobby Wine ‘Ugandan ‘kill gays’ rapper playing in UK.

2 August 2014 – thepetitionsite – melting faster than expected – save the Arctic .

1 August 2014 – from – “I’ll help” young girl’s petition that more be done to tackle the ebola virus outbreak in West Africa.

31 July 2014 – from – Irony – world center of gravity of economic power now sits atop Pacific Garbage Patch – if interested, refer this Global Policy Journal article by Danny Quah


30 July 2014 – from gopetition – Wasatia petition for peace in Palestine/Israel.

29 July 2014 – from Moveon – message to EPA make frackers disclose secret ingredients.

28 July 2014 – from Avaaz – reminder re walk for climate 21 September 2014.

21-27 July 2014 – from – People led movement to jump off fossil fuel stocks and create investor flight risk for big oil 


20 July 2014 – From thepetitionsite – Protect girls from harm by re-banning premature marriage, petition to Yemen government

19 July 2014 – From Sumofus – Suncor v Greenpeace PR blitz over benefit of Canadian tar sands, if you want to get involved by petitioning

18 July 2014 – From Avaaz – driving people led fix to Israel/Palestine – petition corporations profiting from conflict.

17 July 2014 – From thepetitionsite – Check it out  – Support for establishment of European Animal Welfare Directorate-General position:

16 July 2014 – From Campact de – Drift from renewables to fracking in Germany is cheap but…evil?


15 July 2014 – thepetitionsite – 5,000 strong petition to US Congress – “Don’t pass bill to reawaken old ‘over fishing’ practices”:

Despondent Fisherman

14 July 2014 – from thepetitionsite – Iranian animal rights group uses petition site to promote tossing foie gras (torture poultry) practices in all countries that have not yet banned it:


13 July 2014 – from Amnesty International – Add this guy as a friend, and urge UN to act faster on resolution to intervene to protect innocent in Central African Republic:


12 July 2014 – from thepetitionsite – “Like em, don’t jail ’em!” – petition to Kenya government:


11 July 2014 – From Moveon – to US Navy, take care of whales and dolphins, like real seals (not disorientate them with sonar):”


10 July 2014 – from gopetition – to incoming Indonesia government – Congratulations on winning the election, and, note, the world wants you to sort out those fires/ address illegal land clearing – you are losing forest faster than Brazil:


9 July 2014 – from Greenpeace to support frack free farmers in Oz

8 July 2014 – from thepetitionsite – to California governor – Ban drift nets, too much collareteral kill:

7 July 2014 – from Amnesty International – Here is ‘Hell’s Door’ in Uzbekistan – So is Uzbekistan airport for woman protestor now being tortured after returning home from persecution flee visit to Australia. Add to President Karimov shame file:


6 July 2014 – from – to add weight to’s most popular idea at the moment – incentivize less packaging.

4-5 July 2014 – from –  to Peru government- overturn laws permitting police to kill environmentalists in certain circumstances.

3 July 2014 – from Avaaz and reminder about the walk on 21 September

2 July 2014 – from thepetitionsite – petition to Panama govt to do more to help save the critically endangered pygmy sloth:


1 July 2014 – from Sumofus – multinationals targeted petition campaign to stop buying prawns from slave labor wholesalers in Asia

29-30 June 2014  – thepetitionsite – To BC Canada govt do more to stop methane leaking in your frack industry

27-28 June 2014 – and Avaaz encouragement to participate in 21 September climate marches

25-26 June 2014 – thepetitionsite – to Spain no oil permits over Mediterranean seagrass meadows.

24 June 2014 – – Fossil industry fighting back gives encouragement to divest campaigns

23 June 2014 – Campactde – people pressure – working to to stop fracking in Germany

22 June 2014 –  Moveon – giving ear to climate deniers okay but so is asking newspapers to reduce

21 June 2014 – thepetitionite to Brazil government to slow down logging of Amazon

20 June 2014 – thepetitionsite – China trashing mountains – not ok

19 June 2014 – from Antibiotic Action – to all countries to fund against superbugs

18 June 2014 – from Avaaz – 2 milion strong petition to PM of India to support women’s interests:

17 June 2014 – from thepetitionsite – Shout out to multinational that provides free tertiary education to advance employees:

16 June 2014 – from thepetitionsite – to US Congress – Guns outdated way of solving problems.


15 June 2014 – from Sumofus – Exposing Vodaphone on avoiding taxes:


13-14 June 2014 – from Moveon – Three cheers for (Rhode Island) grown ups rooting for renewable future:


12 June 2014 – from Amnesty International – Apprehension in Brazil  – government do not overreact to protestors:

11 June 2014- from thepetitionsite – Canada government – policy that climate scientists cannot communicate information is backward:


9-10 June 2014 – From Amnesty International – Use modern petition, not stop kings horse, to protest Algeria/Tunisia escape rape prosecution by marrying laws:

7-8 June 2014 – From – Get off your arse Australia! – on reducing emissions for benefit of next generation:


5-6 June 2014 – thepetitionsite – Profiting from Colombia? Canada should put more back in:

4 June 2014 – From Moveon – University of California students to Trustees –  ‘Throw down your gun investments’:


2-3 June 2014 – From – to EPA and others, support the bumble bee:

1 June 2014 – from – To Australian Mineral Council – Don’t paint divest carbon asset campaign as ugly, not true.

31 May2014 – From thepetitionsite – Time to fight? Petition by people around the world to start the fightback against big oil, in this case, pressure Ecuador government before roads into Amazon jungle for oil companies are constructed:

30 May 2014 – From – support global petition for bravery award for drowned boy, for his last words to rescuers: “Take my brother first”.

29 May 2014 – from thepetitionsite – to Malaysian Ministry for Environment help save the last of the Malayan Tigers by supporting conservation of jungle:

28 May 2014 – from Moveon – Petition calling on President Obama to keep promise to keep internet free:


26-27 May 2014 – from thepetitionsite and – Goat Islands in Jamaica threatened by 1.5bn China backed port and coal plant. Fighting back for threatened species, environment, local fishers and cultural diversity:


24-25 May 2014 – from Moveon – to Hawaii government – keep promise to clean grid:


22-23 May 2014 – from Leadnow – Alberta govt to include greenies in tar sands hearings – they have a perspective too:


21 May 2014 – from – To Ghirardelli, label chocolate as certified Fair Trade (no child labor in supply chain) or we will send the boys around:


20 May 2014 – from thepetitionsite –  Amazon book deliveries taking indirect route to avoid taxes – UK bookshops can’t compete. 


19 May 2014 – – to Deutsche Bank and others circling the Great Barrier Reef to profit from coal port expansion – “Not OK”.

17-18 May 2014 – Sumofus – Multinational corporations doing it to the rest of us in the Caymans.  We protest:

16 May 2014 – Sumofus – Business and politics mixing in North Carolina not good for the planet.

14-15 May 2014 – Moveon – To US Senate to block FCC from permitting two speed internet:

13 May 2014 – Avaaz – Orchestrating conflict in South Sudan – To hold leaders with mala fides to account, not just perpetrators of violence –

11-12 May 2014 – from – to Oz government to use Security Council leverage to get action against Boko Haram


8-10 May 2014 From Moveon – sleepwalk into this, or sign petitions now to protest two speed internet – paid and non-paid content:


7 May 2014 – From thepetitionsite – start the global call to governments for cleaner rivers at the bottom. To  government of Indonesia, to do something about the Citarum.


3-6 May 2014 – From Avaaz – to support independent study to determine fact from fiction on alleged bee disorientation pesticides- of world importance.

2 May 2014 – Sumofus – Canadian govt won’t save humpback whales. Up to ordinary people again..


1 May 2014 – – getting on the divest fossil fuel train with Harvard Uni students:

30 April 2014 – From thepetitionsite – To US Congress let’s start the phase out of factory farming. Bentham was right. Animals are sentient beings:

29 April 2014 – From Moveon – To Fox News, on climate news people need facts, not opinion.


28 April 2014  From Sumofus – to Pepsico –  Sign up to no more purchase unethincal palm oil – it supports trashing Asian and African native forests. Surrender, like Mars, Kelloggs and others:

27 April 2014 – From thepetitionsite – To Arnie -plea to divest illegal logger related investments (budgie smugglers unethical too)

26 April 2014 – From – To New South Wales, Australia, government, decriminalise cannabis for those who are dying, and for whom it is their relief of choice. Let life be sweeter for those in twighlight hour:


25 April 2014 – From thepetitionsite – Whale sharks being slaughtered for lipstick. Caring for the big but vulnerable:


24 April 2014 – From Reporters Without Borders and thepetitionsite – to Vietnam government – Stop slotting opponents into prison!:


23 April 2014 – From gopetition – Let her out! Call to Iranian authorites to release woman jailed for expressing an opinion about Islam. Other religions/places tolerate unsupportive comments, time for Iran Muslims to do the same.

22 April 2014 – From thepetitionsite – No more sea..Petition protesting for the rights of Muslim Brotherhood to fair hearing, not summary justice and execution. Shame on interim regime:

21 April 2014 – From – Real time democracy? Idea posted on to enable voting for your representatives any day..

20 April 2014 – From gopetition – ‘Ethiopian Writer’s Block’. Refer Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index.:


19 April 2014 – From thepetitionsite – Petition to support majority of Iraqi clerics that are opposing proposed law to once again legalize child marriage:


17-18 April 2014 – From Sumofus – To Barclays Bank – Stop pushing clients offshore:


16 April 2014 – From –  German petition to EU to give privacy from government/corporate intrusion on internet communications higher priority.

15 April 2014 – From Moveon – Denouncing the Koch brothers for drowning preelection media with self interest (pro low tax) campaign money.  They already have wealth of 40% of least prosperous US citizens combined:


14 April 2014 – From Avaaz – Convoluted plan to save orangutans by appealing to EU ambassador to Indonesia:

13 April 2014 – 350.orgSalute to the work of and to ‘press institutions to divest’ fossil fuel assets. Taking hold at last – refer news of last couple of days out of US universities. Could this very unsovereign risk, now that it has become real, cause fund managers more widely to excercise greater caution when investing in big oil? Could this be the start of a widespread flight from fossil fuel industry stocks? Could the divest campaigns be the lethal weapon against climate change the world has been waiting for!

12 April 2014 – from – Feel like protesting? If you slept through the 70’s you can always protest nukes here:


11 April 2014 – from thepetitionsite – Whale of a time.  Unless you are a whale around US navy sonar trials..


10 April 2014 – – Fossil fuel allowed to go nuts. Petition to US Congress for people who want to start the arrest:


9 April 2014 – thepetitionsite – Norfolk hunting syndicate attracting conservation birds become hunted by petition.

8 April 2014 – From Avaaz – To European Union on 2030 emissions talks. No to soft targets!


5-7 April 2014 – From –  Petition to world leaders – to put children of Syria first, not posturing. And a comment – Do this by, in the case of the five permanent members of the Security Council, giving up a bit of power to better democratize security decisions taken by the UN. That would open door to decisions that would legitimize using force to call and supervise elections in basket case countries. That would fix Syria. The refusal of the five permanent members to redistribute the supreme power given to them in the 1940’s, and, instead, to use it for posturing, paints them as the dictators. To the big 5  (US, Russia, UK, France and China) -“If you don’t know how to use your power, democratize it”:


4 April 2014 – thepetitionsite – fracking US federal lands. Enough to turn the next generation to drink..


3 April 2014 – gopetition – to government of Azerbaijan to stop locking up people with whom you disagree.


2 April 2014 – – To Australian government to provide more funding to Lifeline, who are not otherwise able to take all distress calls. Signed, human beings.


1 April 2014 – thepetitionsite – To Brazil govt officials – Would you flood your own home to build a dam?


31 March 2014 – from – Using consumer leverage on Unilever to stay ethical on palm oil.


28-30 March 2014 – from Moveon and – People leading the way out of climate change jumble? By asking institutions in which we invest, eg our pension funds, to divest fossil fuel assets.

27 March 2014 – thepetitionsite – Koch borthers bombing US political system with money for attack ads against candidates who may not keep taxes low. Freedom of speech? Or politics becomes finance?:


26 March 2014 – – Ah so. Rhino many reft? Javan rhinoceros once prevalent throughout Asia down to 40 odd in the wild, none in captivity. Awareness petition:


25 March 2014 – – Bumpy start (quiet petition) to drive for UN Declaration of Human Rights to include digital rights:

24 March 2014 – campactde – Pollinator 2 – European petition for – No to monoculture.  No to excessive pesticides. Yes to biodiversity.  Yes to whatever it takes to protect bees:


23 March 2014 – thepetitionsite – Medicins Sans Frontiers petition to a big pharma to move on medicine cost and save more Africans. Petition to make Merck budge-


21-22 March 2014 – from Avaaz – Keystone has its good points, but choosing fossil fuel not renewable infrustructure investment is still another nail in global coffin.

20 March 2014 – – Princess Urban sprawl – No to put up a parking lot in Princess Vlei waterway, Capetown, South Africa.

19 March 2014 – – Canadian petition to keep informal voter ID laws and not disenfranchise this many:

18 March 2014 – thepetitionsite –  To Canada to close gate on Iceland whale meat imports to help protect fin whales.

17 March 2014 – Avaaz – What to do when World Bank money is misspent by corrupt government? Bring attention to World Bank. Avaaz onto it in Kenya.

16 March 2014 – – To UK govt Importance of labelling sustainable palm oil sources, to give consumers choice to not support forest pillagers.

15 March 2014 – thepetitionsite – To UK Canals and Rivers Trust to revegitate some banks to arrest water vole population decline.

14 March 2014 – – to Nintendo to check, like others in their market, that materials used to manufacture their product parts are not from slavery (aka conflict minerals).

13 March 2014 – – petition to spare Arctic heavy industry now 5 million strong – evidence global green movement growing

12 March 2014 – Moveon – Let affected Colorado people decide, not industry and politicians, whether they have fracking in their back yard.

11 March 2014 – From thepetitionsite – Wants clean air. Like the rest of us – petition to US EPA to ignore fossil fuel lobbying.


10 March 2014 -From thepetitionsite– To Indonesia, nothing wrong with being different, don’t lock up punks.


9 March 2014 – from – The world supports the new democracy of Tunisia, even to the point of  wanting a say in its governance – petition suggesting to leave ‘frack’n’trash heritage area’ out of the new economy’s energy mix. And a pic of Hanaa ben Abdesslem – Tunisia’s first supermodel?


8 March 2014 – from – To Department of Transport in Texas – Leave these old oak trees be, let them live (still suckin’ in CO2…):


7 March 2014 – from – Teachers’ rights. Teacher sacked for defending himself with force means pendulum swung too far?


6 March 2014 – from – One man campaign to clean up world oceans. Crazy. But he has a point. – 

4-5 March 2014 – from – to Tetley – reports show your plantation managers in northern India are treating your workers like cattle class. Your chance to introduce merit process not caste process to workplace, and improve productivity while improving your image?:

3 March 2014 – from – Nicaragua to end economic suffering by agreeing to canal that kills Nicaragua? Petition for independent environmental impact assessment:


2 March 2014 – from – Took one for the team. Push for the late Sarah Elizabeth Jones, film crew member killed on a set last week (not this one), to feature in tomorrow night’s otherwise celebrity Oscar memorial tribute:


28 Feb – 1 March 2014 – from Moveon – US minimum wage –  arguably a global issue: poverty, and, OS visitors paying salaries for US employers:

27 Feb 2014 – from – “Reduce Excess Packaging” – global citizens using say they want laws to encourage less packaging. So, look out for a POW video to promote this idea soon:


26 Feb 2014 – from –  Voting for biodiveristy. Petition to Mexico govt last chance to save the axolotl salamander from extinction.


25 Feb 2014 – From – To Australian Foregin Minister Scott Morrison – to allow Australian citizens to weigh policy options and world citizens to ensure human rights are not being squashed, you must allow free press:

24 Feb 2014 – From gopetition – To South Korea, regulate or ban bear farms. Bears, after all, have always looked after us..


23 Feb 2014 – From – to support ‘divest fossil fuel investments’ campaign – or face unexpected consequences of air pollution:


21-22 Feb 2014 – – Which way to Sydney? Calling on G20 meeting there on weekend to agree to reduce fossil fuel subsidies:


20 Feb 2014 – from – Outrage over pesticide caused decimation of monarch butterfly migration from Canada to Mexico.

18-19 Feb 2014 – From – Time to go to court. Campaign to support legal challenge to Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority decision to allow expansion of coal port to wreck parts of reef to allow more coal to China to wreck atmosphere and to line pockets of Australian billionaires to build Titanic replicas in China and more reef wrecking resorts in Queensland:


17 Feb 2014 – From Moveon – To Nevada govt to insert independent review of fracking well approvals, regulators too close to industry? Well, well, well.


16 Feb 2014 – From Avaaz and – Petitions for the world to stop watching on as Bedouin tribes in the Sinai continue to routinely capture and torture people travelling through their lands. Send ’em in.


14-15 Feb 2014 – Message to Trans Pacific Partnership negotiators. We are watching you deal with big fossil fuel and not our elected representatives. No more fast track, keep us informed and…slow down:


12-13 Feb 2014 – From Avaaz  – ISPs’ can turn the internet two speed – paid, and non paid. And now they want to play that hand!  If we band against this together as global citizens, then, and only then, it is us consumers that will be holding the aces. Petition highly recommended:

11 Feb 2014 – from – Worker fired over ex-husband’s behaviour to her employer speaks out about fairness, if you want to support her:


10 Feb 2014 – from – Putting pressure on Banks. To Bank of America and Citi – you need to know we want you to finance renewables too, not just big oil projects (or else we won’t like you, or support you as customers).

8-9 Feb 2014 – from – Real food  -current top idea on is that all children should be taught health effects of processed food and how to read food packaging. Being from, look out for their POW clip to promote this idea:


7 Feb 2014 – from thepetitionsite – Medical experts trying to get the attention of Barack Obama on the risks to individual and societal health caused by fracking:

6 Feb 2014 – from thepetitionsite – To India parliament to pass overlooked child labor laws  – give India children the rights enjoyed by children in other countries:


5 Feb 2014 –  from campact de – To German Energy Minister  -“German energy policy is becoming dishevelled. Bring back the beautiful Germany”:

4 Feb 2014 – From Avaaz – To Yukon government, Canada – just let nature be, leave it alone:

3 Feb 2014 – From Moveon – To US lawmakers, beware Chevron using your legal system to avoid international responsibilities. As a minimum, let the wheels of justice run their course:

30 Jan – 2 Feb2014 – From Avaaz – Quick, wake up and sign your discontent – if you want to stop global corporate interests manipulating internet speeds to nudge you in their direction:

Sleep Walking

28-29 Jan 2014 – From thepetitionsite – To save Virunga National Park gorillas: 1. rangers, tick; 2. security force to protect rangers, needed; 3. someone to supply security force, needed; 4. people to press for someone to supply security force, needed.  Petition for you if you want to participate in 4.


27 Jan 2014 – From Avaaz – Japanese people don’t neeeed to eat dolphin meat. So, don’t. The rest of the world don’t. Because we love dolphins:

24-26 Jan 2014 – From – The US Securities Exchange Commission has the power to disclose corporate political spending. Petition to them to start disclosing:

gd.pic 16

22-23 Jan 2014 – From thepetitionsite – How much can a Polar Bear? Pressure Canada govt to take extra measures, and, reminding ourselves to ride a bike to work:


21 Jan 2014 – From Avaaz – People’s petition for negotiators to take into account global demand for peace in Syria.

19-20 Jan 2014 – From – Barnett’s Ocean.  A vote to leave the big sharks alone, not sanitise the Indian Ocean :


18 Jan 2014 – From thepetitionsite – To support VoteVets USA call on their EPA to promote continuing rebates on local renewables, not go back to policies encouraging reliance on foreign oil.

16-17 Jan 14 – from – Questioning the proposed  Trans-Pacific Partnership. To negotiating governments – put people over profits! (of the multinational corps who have found a seat at the negotiating table).  Sign this or make your own petition. You too can make a difference, even on big issues, if you think about it:


15 Jan 2014 – From Sumofus – What’s the Costa Rica? Petition to pressure big Canadian gold corp to not sue Costa Rica for mine permit backflip to protect environment:

12-14 Jan 2014 – From thepetitionsite.  OK, Google, so you are in bed with the climate change deniers at ALEC, that bastian of vested interest that is where corporate interest and lawmaking merge in American politics. That’s Okay. As long as you can explain to the whole world why the science is wrong. We are listening…Google? Anyone home?

10-11 Jan 14 – From campact de To EU and European Parliament – stop financing frackers, tax cheats.

early Jan 14 – From Avaaz – Private citizen petition to bring global attention to broken promises of cement mogul Bosnia polluter.

25-31 December 2013 – From thepetitionsite – petition to help red bellied toad off the canvas of extinction – and so help in the fight to save global biodiversity:


14-24/12/13 – From Avaaz – To World Bank to consider financing local renewables over mega dams, (below pic quiz answer  – ‘Leave it to Beaver’) :

4-14/12/13 – From Avaaz – to European leaders to think before permitting deep sea trawling in the North Atlantic – Do we want to be aliens that trash foreign civilizations from above for their resources?: pic 125

2-3/12/13 From thepetitionsite –  Averting slavery. Petitioning Target to sign onto to Daewoo Protocol like other major retailers and so ensure no purchase of slave labor cotton from Uzbekistan.

01/12/13 – From Moveon – two petitions in USA, to Walmart and to Congress, to increase minimum conditions for lowest paid US workers, and so save them from falling down: pic 123

30/11/13 – From Avaaz – Supporting lenience toward Euro refugee applications for Circassians locked in Syria, they are ex Europe clan. Time to acknowledge they have been knocked from pillar to post.

26-29/11/13 – From Sumofus – First, figure out who is making the money out of the things that become pollution in the oceans. Then, petition them to monitor pollution down the supply chain (or boycott them -only takes a few of us). Sumofus have figured out its all about where the buck stops. How to Save a Whale: pic 121

26/11/13 – from thepetitionsite – Petition to expose the name and size of men who hide their money in tax haven countries:

25/11/13 – From – Nobody else is stomping on this airport cleaning contractor in Brisbane, Australia, who threatens migrant workers with deportation if they do not provide sexual favors. This petition to bring attention to Brisbane airport management  (if you want to help stomp it out):

20-24/11/13 – From – – to Agip-Eni – stop buying crude palm oil from Asia forest wreckers for biodiesel plant in Italy.

19/11/13 – From – thepetitionsite – pressuring FIFA and new Emir of Qatar to act on Nepal immigrant slavery issue before World Cup venues become the Stadiums of Shame: pic 118

18/11/13  – From Moveon – Philipine climate delegate hunger strike diplomacy – why not? Petition in support.

15-17/11/13 – From the petitionsite – to UNCCC to say to governments to say to big oil and big coal, “Thanks for the light, but the government subsidies and tax breaks for you need to start reducing”:

14/11/13 – From – HSBC bank. All talk. Petition to draw attention to their lack of ‘walk’ on actually ensuring their borrowers don’t use finance provided by them to trash forests, orangutans.

13/11/13 – From Avaaz – to Turkish authorities, noted these journalists are said to be terrorists, but you are accumulating a hell of a lot of journalists in your prisons. Is Turkey free? pic 114

12/11/13 – from – to El Salvador govt to prevent blast fishing, and so help save endangered turtles (from kaboom):

11/11/13 – from gopetition – to Namibia Minister for Justice to encourage diversion programs for troubled youth, not jail.

10/11/13 – From thepetitionsite – to let Alberta Canada govt know the world is watching and has an interest in its carbon policy, though we cannot necessarily do anything about it.

09/11/13 – From Avaaz – To China to show Tibetans a little more respect, if they want a seat on the UN Human Rights Council: pic 107

08/11/13 – From – –  To protect orangutans? Just follow the money. This petition is to corporates that buy from unethical palm oil plantations to say we not buying from you: pic 106

07/11/13 – From –Campact de – European petition to Germany to recommit to renewables, not go back to the future with new coal plants:

06/11/13 – from Greenpeace – Calling on people everywhere to pressure Russian government to drop piracy charges against activists. They are not actually real pirates: pic 103

05/11/13 – from Avaaz – petition calling for stonger rules for transparency in Euopean Union lobbying. 

04/11/13 – from – to vote for mandatory disclosure of doctored images of beautiful women,. to relieve some of the beauty pressure that is on young girls. “ – where good ideas float to the top”.

03/11/13 – From gopetition – to call upon Greece Education Ministry and troika of austerity watchdogs to think harder about how to keep University of Crete doors open:

02/11/13 – From thepetitionsite – to support Moms Clean Air Force shout out to EPA for pushing for emission cuts to power plants in USA:

01/11/13 – From Avaaz – One way of reversing human caused carnage might be to demand excessive users of plastic in packaging to use less. Petition to one:

29-31October 2013 – From – Too big to fail to pay taxes? To US regulators, not to bow to JP Morgan negotiators and make global meltdown penalties tax deductable. Hold them to account: pic 97

28/10/13 – From – Last look? Petition to save endangered dugong habitat in Japan caused by US military base development (and gratuitous rave about why are there US military bases in Japan anyway and if there were improved global policing protocols there wouldn’t be a need for any and so there would  be more dugongs..). pic 95

27/10/13 – from Avaaz – To South Korean govt to outlaw boiling cats and dogs alive for tonics. Refer Jeremy Bentham on animals being sentient beings: pic 94

25-26/10/13 – from Avaaz – The United Arab Emirates – petition to their government to cut out suppression of opposing voices by imprisonment and torture, you will lose respect: pic 93

24/10/13 – from – a one person petition against homelessness situation for children in Accra, Ghana. He didn’t change the world, but lone voice got our attention:

22-23/10/13 – from – Real farms over factory farms equals less need for routine antibiotics means less superbugs – petition to US Congress: pic 92

20-21/10/13 – From Sumofus – Who supplied the sugar? Tracing the sugar trail all the way back to cane farmers booting indigenous mixed farmers off land, to supply Coke, Pepsi – Holding Big Sugar to account (they are starting to listen) – 

19/10/13 – From Avaaz – To Russian authorities, would you call these real pirates too?

18/10/13 – From Moveon – whoopee doo, a turban. To authorities in USA deep south to get over it:

17/10/13 – From gopetition – There is reason to think people in Belarus could really use the support of the rest of the world.  Lukashenko’s censorship and other more violent strategies against opposition political groups is enough, but there is plenty more:

16/10/13 – From thepetitionsite – to US military to reconsider moving live firing range to pristine Pacific Island in the Marianas: pic 77

15/10/13 – From Avaaz – To foreign universiteis to be charitable to Syrian students unable to pay tuition fees because of war.

13-14/10/13 – From thepetitionsite – Methane leaks, during fracking. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. Fracking is, moreover, for many an unwanted extension of the hydrocarbon economy. The world’s hydrocarbon economy is, according to scientists, the biggest threat to humankind, at present. Therefore, any person might legitimately have an interest in a petition concerning fracking in any place.

12/10/13 – From – Child brides in 2013? Supporting petition to UN re pressure Nigeria to make road ahead for girls born in that country less impossible:

11/10/13  – From – To urge USA to join the current 13 signatories of the Agreement for the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels:

10/11/13 – From – The day the music died. To UNCHR to speak with Russia about locking up Pussy Riot. Canaries in the coal mine?: pic 72

8-9/10/13 – From – biggest petition in the world?

7/10/13 – from Avaaz – To President Correa, it is not fair, we agree. But we still request you to listen to the people of Ecuador and the World before permitting exploitation of protected, biologically rich and ecologically important rainforests for oil:

6/10/13 – from Moveon – US Shutdown played with the livelihoods of many government employees, but no such risk for the hosts of the (tea) party, all paid on their pay day:

2-5/10/13 from Sumofus – People have noticed Google and friends participating in ALEC, a misspelt acronym for cronyism democracy in the US. Silicon Valley left lurching to the right, now that they have money? For those who hope not:

gd.pic 68

1/10/13 – From takeaction.thecove – dolphins in Japan, adding weight to the support for ending the annual slaughter.

30/09/13 – From – Supporting a push by Saudi women to drive cars. Not just toys for boys:

gd.pic 66

29/09/13 – From – Moms Clean Air Force in the war office. US Senate and big polluters wanting to keep tax breaks in trouble:

28/09/13 – From Avaaz – Avaaz invites interested people to join in – calling Rupert Murdoch on inaccurate and biased reporting of climate science throughout his media empire:

26-27/09/13 – From – petition to promote awareness of thorium reactor technology. Pour investment into it and save the planet?

Or abandon thorium research, as our friends in the USA did in the 1960’s? Other countries are now charging ahead with R and D on this clean tech option. USA note to self –

25/09/13 – From Avaaz – Wacky is ok, isnt it? UK sleepwalking into censorship, with unticking boxes when setting up internet soon required to access ‘esoteric material’:

24/09/13 – From – Routine. We know travellers are being routinely tortured in the Sinai. How can the world just watch on? 

23/09/13 – This time from  to Obama and Rouhani – junk ‘trash talk from a distance’ diplomacy of predecessors –

22/09/13- From  – Girls of Yemen – We support you.  And we support your Human Rights Minister, in her battles:

21/09/13 From 350.0rg – if you are a uni student and tweet a lot, you might like global Fossil Free campaign run by, to get your university to divest all fossil fuel industry assets:

16-20/09/13 From series:

Click ‘n save….the planet

Pacific Islanders need our support…not like the support we have historically provided –

Support their declaration to promote policies to end global warming, before they lose their homes.

Your new neighbours? 

gd.pic 53

Stand with em, or live with em.

Now, when we say stand with them…

15/09/13 From the – more big guys that need a shove – Europe on foie gras

14/09/13 – From – Dear Wall Street. Back off! People of Richmond, California, deserve respect, not litigation:

gd.pic 45

13/09/13 – From Avaaz – To support Romania people over multinational in deciding whether to mine – let full environmental assessment processes conclude  

11-12/09/13 – From Avaaz – Global noise for USA and Iran to enter dialogue on Syria with good will.

10/09/13 – From – To EPA in the USA – finish study of effects of fracking on water

09/09/13  – From – To Oz govt -World Heritage Site under threat from coal port expansion

7-8/09/13 – From – Suggestion to G20 on Syria, drop medicines not bombs.

06/09/13 – From Avaaz – To President Zuma of South Africa, to do more to protect women

05/09/13 – From Avaaz – Thowing weight behind people of India supporting their Supreme Court against corruption in politics:

04/09/13 – From thepetitionsite – Liberty. Equality. But Frackingforalleternity?

03/09/13 – From – to incoming Oz govt – green tape good for most

02/09/13 – From – to an airline stop muzzling pilots on safety concerns

31/08/13 – 01/09/13 From Avaaz – Troubled headwaters at the Rio de Castra, Brazil, with translation

28-30/08/13 – From – Twiddle thumbs or sit and relax – or speak up – if you think fracking in US is an unwanted extension of the hydrocarbon economy –

27/08/13 – From – to Applebees let customers opt in, not out, of having a straw with purchase (est saving 180 million pieces of plastic)

26/08/13 – From thepetitionsite – To Canadian govt let both sides of tar sands debate be heard.

25/08/13 – From Avaaz – To Syrian opposition groups: Where is Father Paolo?

19-24/08/13 –  From – G20 vote of day series to get them to agree to cut fossil fuel industry subsidies

18/08/13 – – To Russia – Not many left. Do more to protect forests in east regions from illegal logging 

17/08/13 – – Where to invest? California uni students to Uni fund administrators to divest fossil fuel investments

16/08/13 – – petiton to Eli Lilly (drug company) to drop profiteering litigation against Canadian taxpayers

14-15/08/13 – -Radioacticve Frackwater – petition to bring attention to Australian voters

13/08/13 – – Bee a slacktivist – Petition to US lawmakers to suspend pesticides suspected of disorientating bees.

12/08/13 – – Petition against ag gag law in Pennsylvania, ie supporting those who report inhumane farm practices

11/08/13 – Avaaz – Supporting Afghan govt to follow through on prosecution for crime on a woman 

0/08/13 – Avaaz – To CITES to protect Cape Fur Seals in Namibia from annual slaughter:

09/08/13 – – Supporting Tasmania government to keep Tas fracking free

08/08/13 – – To Duke Energy and NC State, stop paying lawyers instead clean coal ash ponds at Montain Lake

6-7/08/13 – Avaaz – Brown bears – urging Romania government to protect from hunting for sport

3-5/08/13 – Avaaz – voice opposition to a potentially hazardous ocean fracking op off Africa

1-2/08/13 – – To Google, please explain re financing climate sceptics

26-31/07/13 – Avaaz – To Aust govt – no to new coal port on Great Barrrier Reef

25/07/13 – – Pressure Utah to repeal law deterring the reporting of farm animal welfare

24/07/13 – – Petition for UK bankers, that contributed to bailout need, to be kept out of banking in future

23/07/13 – Avaaz – to pressure Israel to abide UN Human Rights of movement to accredited Palestinine journalists

22/07/03 – – pressure UK to pressure EU re no to tar sands 

21/07/03 – – This time petition to UN/World leaders to act on Malala call for education in… everywhere

20/07/13 – – To pressure Japan to cease dolphin cruelty coves

16-19/07/13 – Avaaz – To Ministers overseeing Sainai desert stop Bedouins routine kidnap and torture of travellers

13-16/07/13 – Avaaz – Malala – global petition for access to education for children in trouble zones

10-12/07/13 – – Advocate German govt enforce law in respect of alleged illegal coal plant

9/07/13 – 38degrees – Sample – petition that helped save UK dairy farmers last year – big stores agreed to pay extra to pee 

7-8/07/13 – – A community petition to urge Queensland govt to better preserve the national parks (4.6% of state)

5-6/07/13 – Avaaz – To Romania govt – support for drug addicts – all 6 help organizations going or gone – to give resources

3-4/07/13 – Avaaz – To UK and France, both meeting Burma leader, press for protection of Rohingya people from massacre

01-02/07/13 – – An individual’s petition/plea to Pakistan govt to protect women from culture violence

30/06/13 – – to Canada govt why the secrecy re digitization of govt records contract with private corp?

28-29/06/13 – Avaaz – Speaking up for rhinos – to Red Bull to pull South Africa humour ad re poaching them

24-27/06/13 – Getup – To Northern Territory of Australia govt – understand the science first, then open lands for fracking

 20-23/06/13 – – To Nike to join others in pressuring Uzbekistan cotton suppliers on human rights for their workers

19-20/06/13 – Avaaz – To British govt to throw Greeks a present – the Parthenon Marbles

17-18/06/13 – Greenpeace – Save the Arctic-  to world govts 3 million strong mega petition

16/06/13 – Avaaz – Trouble  – To India Congress help stop big cement co decimating small village.

14-15/06/13 – – Petition to US govts to note Puget Sound acid levels – canary in coalmine for oceans?

11-13/06/13 – Avaaz – To New Zealand govt-  to keep legislative support for solar, not drop it.

8-10/06/13 – Avaaz – To G8 to put tax haven abuse  on agenda at coming meeting, signed – People 

5-7/06/13 – – Sample UK petition to show how switching from tax haven abuser power corp can work

04/06/13 – – Plastic bags – to Newcastle City Council, Australia

03/06/13 – – Suggest alternatives to coal plant adjacent to Philippine wildlife sanctuary

01-2/06/13 – Avaaz – To multinational coal corp – compensate the displaced in Mozambique properly and now!

31/05/13 – Avaaz – 180 Fin whales – to Dutch govt to ban port access to meat and make slaughter less economical

30/05/13 – – this time to Loblaw (Joe Fresh) to sign onto Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement

28-29/05/13 – – to beneficiary of Bangladesh workers, JC Penney – time to get involved in worker safety 

26-27/05/13 – – to Canadian tar sands corp dumping petcoke in Michigan – clean up as you go!

24-25/05/13 – Avaaz – Bring bears back to the Pyrenees – to Spanish and French govts to support fledgling program

22-23/05/13 – Avaaz – Fiji shark fin – to air carrier, to stop carting 1,000 tonnes annually to Honk Kong/China. 

20-21/05/13 – – Traps – petition to phase out the cruelest kinds of animal traps in the USA

18-19/05/13 – Avaaz – Hong Kong shark fin – promoting 10,000 tonnes per year to stay where they are. On sharks.

16-17/05/13 – Avaaz – To government of Mexico to enforce ban on cruel torture horse kill rituals

15/05/13 – – to Attorneys-General in Australia  to maintain funding for indigenous urgent legal help line – it saves lives.

14/05/13 – –  to Florida to join other states in banning shark fin commerce

12-13/05/13 – Greenpeace – Greenpeace and clothes brands seeking your support to clean up polluters of fashion industry 

11/05/13 – – Foie Gras – To USDA, grotesque torture feeding of ducks and geese for flavor must stop

10/05/13 –– To German govt, oppose proposed law restricting commecial fruit seed varieties in Europe

8-9/05/13 – 38degrees – Message to banks (UK)

07/05/13 – Avaaz – promote ban on new fashion accessory -small live animal kept in luck charm (China)

06/05/13 – – To Victorian govt in Australia to avoid further logging of native forests

4-5/05/13 – Avaaz – Protecting seabirds – same petition as suggested on 3 May but on Avaaz and with further info

03/05/13 – – Protecting seabirds – promote IMO ban on discharging polyisbutylene at sea

02/05/13 – – Pressuring tax haven abusing British power corp

01/05/13 – – To Nestle to withdraw applications to patent natural fennel flower, worldwide

30/04/13 – – To US Navy – change plans from sink and release toxins to recycle old navy ships

28-29/04/13 – British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy – Antibiotics – world action petition 

20-27/04/13 – Alaska mega mine – for those who want to voice opposition

18-19/04/13 – – German petition urging govt to tackle tax haven laws

16-17/04/13 – Avaaz – Bees again -this time to Amazon to keep culprit pesticides from being sold online

15/04/13 – Avaaz – To Tanzania govt – whats with all the dynamite fishing destroying reef habitats?

09-14/04/13 –Avaaz – Urge a Canadian authority not to approve frackwater dumping into a bay

08/04/13 – Sumofus – To tar sands corp to explain Athabasca River toxic dumping

07/04/13 – Avaaz – To Tanzania government to leave tribes on homelands, not replace with hunting tourism

4-6/03/13 – Avaaz – Call upon Indonesia government to assess impacts further before deforestation

2-3/04/13 – – Support G8 to give still more toward poorest children nutrition

01/04/13 – – To New Zealand govt to keep dogs out of party pill drug trials

28-31/03/13 – Avaaz – To superpowers do more to pressure Syria to let aid in

27/03/13 – Avaaz – Pressure USA to not block tighter arms controls in global ammo treaty

26/03/13 – – To Conoco Phillips – go with the flow away from Arctic oil exploration

24-25/03/13 – Avaaz – Appeal for govt intervention in whipping child sexual abuse victim in Maldives

21-23/03/13 – – To North Pacific Fisheries Management to preserve Bering Sea ecology

20/03/13 – – To Facebook there is an issue with photos loaded on privacy settings

19/03/13 – – To US govt to help keep the Arctic free of any oil exploration

18/03/13 – Avaaz – To EU to probe use of offshore tax havens by European bankers

17/03/13 – campact de – Urging German Minister to abandon complete monoculture, to preserve bees

16/03/13 – – Protecting Southern Ocean marine animals from seismic exploration practices

14-15/03/13 – – Supporting Pakistan govt to be proactive in encouraging education

13/03/13 – – support preservation of bush/agriculture over a new coal mine in Australia

12/03/13 – campact de – Supporting a fracking free Germany

10-11/03/13 – – Opposing grants of fracking licences in New York state

8-9/03/13 – Avaaz – To Thai government to crack down on ivory trade

6-7/03/13 – – Big corps in Uganda to tell their govt that persecuting gays is not acceptable

4-5/03/13 – Avaaz – To European Union – Yes, go ahead and lead the world in crunching bankers bonuses

3/03/13 – – Pressuring factory to clear air over mercury poisoning risk to neighbors

1-2/03/13 – – To Coke – Stop fighting Australian recycling scheme in court

27-28/02/13 – – Arctic Oil permits- Shell spills sometimes, caution to US govt

26/02/13 – – Renewables more important than power prices to many Germans

24-25/02/13 – Getup – To government curb coal seam gas proliferation in Australia.

22-23/02/13 – Avaaz – Pressure Somalia govt to stop security forces raping – mega petition.

21/02/13 – Avaaz -to Bulgarian government to disallow a development that will destroy World Heritage forest

19-20/02/13 – – Guns in the USA. To Walmart to remove AR-15’s from shelves.

18/02/13 – Avaaz – Ban all fracking. A lone voice, but is it a voice of reason? 

16-17/02/13 – Avaaz – Protecting manta rays in Latin America

14-15/02/13 – – open letter to Obama re prioritize climate change policies

13/02/13 – Avaaz – To ITU – more consultation before world internet regulation.

10-12/02/13 – – Information about a world simultaneous policy initiative.

8-9/02/13 – – Oppose fracking in Hunter Valley region of Australia without more regulation

7/02/13 – – Oppose blasting unnecessary tunnel through pristine NZ national park

5-6/02/13 – – Factory farms not wanted in Australia. To supermarkets – stop supporting.

2-4/02/13 – – Bees again. This time to big chemical corp to not sell certain pesticides

01/02013 – Avaaz – To Indian parliamentarians – proceed with drafted then forgotten child labour laws

30-31/01/13 – Avaaz – Saving European bees though pressing EU for ban on cartain pesticides

28-29/01/13 – campact de – Opposing fracking in the Lower Saxony region of Germany

25-27/01/13 – Avaaz – Pressure Ecuador President not to bow to big oil exploration in jungle.

24/01/13 – – pressure Ikea not to purchase wood obtained from ancient Russian forests

23/01/13 – Avaaz – opposing slow torture of animal in annual bull killing ritual in Spain

20-22/01/13 – GetUp – to help save a Tasmanian ancient forest

19/01/13 – – pressuring multinational to do checks on child slavery in production of suspect import goods

17,18/01/13 –Avaaz – promoting pictorial disclosure of animal tests on brand packaging of non essential products

16/01/13 – 38 Degrees – saving bees in the UK (bees are important!)

14,15/01/13 – – to Pakistan government- do more to prevent victimization of Hazara people

13/01/13 – – global wealth tax of 1% to fix most urgent global problems?

29/12/12 -12/1/13 – Avaaz – petition to stop the largest of 60 dams now in planning stages in Brazil

28/12/12 – – to big oil co to stop doctoring publicity graphics to mislead public

27/12/12 – Avaaz – Save the Swedish wolves

26/12/12 – – big retailers to follow through on foreign garment factory fire safety promises

25/12/12 – – one off tribute to ‘The Castle’ – get bus stop out of my driveway…

24/12/12 – – keeping coal seam gas approvals away from world heritage listed national park

23/12/12 – GetUp– closer examination of impact on Great Barrier Reef before open new coal ports

22/12/12 – 38 Degrees – supporting opposition to a factory cow industry starting up in the UK

21/12/12 – Avaaz – to ITU – exercise caution before regulating the internet

20/12/12 –– solar panel import tariffs in European Union