Globalization – A One Minute Essay

In the last 30 years, globalization has arrived with a bang. Cheap travel, the internet, air pollution, disease control, food security.

We are now all, indeed, a part of each other’s lives.

And so we are a kind of new community. A global community.

It just happened.

Does this new global community need rules?

Well, of course!  

It really seems clear enough that we do, now, need governance at a global level.

The United Nations is not a global government – it is not even designed for that. Therefore, we need new institutions for global governance.

Of course, there will be instinctive resistance to this.

It is natural to be cautious.

But as William Golding’s children in Lord of the Flies showed, where there is no governance in a community, there can be no security.  

It is because you are now a global citizen, as well as a citizen of your own country – whether you like it or not – that global rules are now in your interest.

As a new community, let us establish a process for our own governance.

23 July 2016


updated 24 July 2016, 27 Oct 2016

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