The list on the home page is a snapshot of websites you can safely visit to vote on ideas, actions, policies or solutions that may concern you as a global citizen, not just a citizen of your own country.

These are the sites where you can have a say in world issues.

This site considers 'world issues' to be those which may affect the freedom, security and equality of opportunity of all people, or the welfare of animals. Internal politics of any country is not considered a world issue, other than in cases of the gravest violations of human rights. Significant environmental degradation anywhere is considered a world issue.

Note – Certain sites have greater emphasis on particular regions than others.  Some issues may not directly affect your region of the world.  This does not mean you cannot vote or sign a petition. We are global citizens, and this emerging way of global democracy permits us to abandon notions of borders to vote on any issue, while we strive for what is right.  Don't forget, the decision maker will be aware that the petition is open to people not directly affected by an issue.  This is known and disclosed. It is fine and allowed. The List sites invite you to self select to vote on any issue, anywhere. Your conscience, in this way, can influence the world. 

The 'Vote of the Day' will normally be a sample petition taken from a site on the list. But if we find interesting global petitions elsewhere, we will direct you to those, as well.