Global democracy, as it exists at this time, is about voting for ideas. It is not about voting for a world parliament – there is no world parliament. This site shows you where to find websites where you can, as a global citizen, self select ideas and issues, and aggregate your voice with others to move existing decision makers to do that which you consider is best.

The List

Sites where you as a global citizen can safely visit to vote on world issues:

Featured World Petitions

“But there’s no one to vote for, so who do we see?” said the fool to the man. “Issues, my friend, vote for issues and be, part of the new way of democracy”. 

15.223From Avaaz – Help change the world HERE

2_image001Free Internet – if we play our cards right.

From Avaaz  – Internet Service Providers can turn the internet two speed – fast for paid content, and slow for non-paid content.  And now they are talking about playing that hand!  Why wouldn’t they? They will get rich! As for us global citizens, we will be the losers as we are steered toward profit driven websites.  If we band together against this, however, we will be holding the aces. Petition highly recommended anyone who cares about a free internet : Petition link 

gd.pic 48Stand With the Pacific Islanders

Petition for showing support to the signatories of the Majuro Declaration, made by Pacific Island leaders in September 2013, calling for the world to step up to the plate on climate change, now –

3_image004Save the Arctic – Biggest petition in the world

From – Petition now over 7 million people to world leaders to keep oil exploration and industrial fishing out of the Arctic. If you want to add your name to this mega petition: Petition link


The sites on the list, above, give many examples of ‘victories’. These relate successful campaigns on local, regional or global issues.

Here are some examples of victories on global issues:

  • 2011 – – A petition of 45,000 voters helped prompt the UK government to sign up to the European Directive on Human Trafficking.
  • 2012 – Avaaz – A petition of over 2 million people worldwide helped stop the European Union supporting a bid by a group of countries and multinationals to control the internet.
  • 2012 – Avaaz – A petition of over 2 million people worldwide helped pressure the government of Brazil to abandon a law that would have allowed wider scale logging and deforestation of the Amazon rain forest.
  • 2013 – – More than 500,000 people signed a petition that successfully helped preserve the peace for whales in the Pacific Ocean by opposing US Navy plans to use southern California coast for explosives/sonar training.
  • 2013 – Avaaz – A petition of 1.7 million helped pressure the government of Tanzania to reverse a decision to exploit native Massai homelands for United Arab Emirates owned hunting operation, preserving both native animals and traditional lifestyle of about 40,000 people.
  • 2014 – – a 2,000 person petition helped pressure Kellogs to announce they will buy palm oil only from plantations that have been checked for environmental sustainablilty, helping save habitat of Sumatra tigers and orangutans.
  • 2014 – – a 200,000 person petition helped pressure the Deutsche Bank to pull out of environmentally controversial project to expand a coal port into the Great Barrier Reef.
  • 2015 – Avaaz -1.2 million helped pressure EU and US administrators ensure internet does not become commercialised (paying sites easier to access). Petition above remains to keep pressure on.
  • 2016 – Sumofus – 160,000 people backed up Peruvian farmer until mining giant backed down, sparing one community, five rivers and four lakes.

Biggest Current World Petitions (June 2015)


1. Save the Arctic  –  by (Greenpeace)  – over 7.1 million signatories

2. To all leaders to act on climate change science – by Avaaz – over 2.7 million signatories


1.  TTIP  – by Campac de- over 1.3 million signatories


1. Factory farms  –  bad for human and animal health – 1.2 million signatories